Do you struggle to communicate with your spouse?


Is there a lack of intimacy in your relationship ?


Is money ALWAYS a topic of discussion?


Are your discipline styles different for your children ?


Is Mama , Daddy, Cousin Sue always budding into your marriage or asking for help?


Is your spouse not doing their part in the house ? 


 Research states that

Housework, Family/Friends, Money , Kids, and Sex are the biggest reasons people call it quits. 


If these issues aren't dealt  with they can lead to the demise of your relationship. 


Find out how you can avoid  a divorce and stay together.

What are you waiting on ?

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About the Author 

      I am a Certified Sexologist through the American Colleges of Sexologists International. I am a proud graduate of the  Dr. Rachael Institute. My journey here is was one of passion for helping others to work through things I've been through. I continued my education with an additional certification through the Mocha Marriage Organization. I am also so very blessed to be a coach at Marriage Boot Camp with founders Elizabeth and Jim Carroll.  

         As a member of the American Counseling Association I have extensive training with putting marriages back together.   My background as a trainer, teacher, mother, wife, friend, a Bachelors and Masters in Education and  Certified Clinical Sexologist helps me to empower men, women and children with knowledge across the country  goal is to continue  sex education seminars for teens and young adults, continue to do couples workshops, and make sex easier to discuss at any age.